Riley Pediatric Physicians transitioning to virtual appointments

With the current threat of COVID-19, Riley Pediatric Physicians, a somewhat new pediatric facility has been in the process of transitioning to virtual appointments to lower the chances of infecting those at the facility.

A few pediatric doctors formed their own practice on the south side of Muncie after there was a contract dispute with their former practice leasors, Meridian Pediatrics.

Tammy Rhoad is a registration specialist at Riley, and has dealt with checking patients in and out. This has been a relief to her, because she happens to be my mother, and wants to avoid catching anything that she could give to her parents, who she has been shopping for, and my sister and me.

“I’m not out with the patients as much, and we wear masks around the office to prevent the staff or anyone else from spreading the virus if they were to have it,” Rhoad said.

While they don’t have any COVID-19 tests, the doctors can meet face-to-face through a screen or phone call to discuss symptoms the patients are having. If the symptoms correspond with those associated with the Coronavirus, doctors could suggest you get tested. Those appointments can be made by phone call.

“With the doctors not seeing any sick kids in the office, it keeps us safe, and prevents the doctors and staff from being infected so they can continue to provide the best care they can,” Rhoad said.

Getting tested will become a lot easier starting next week when one of the 20 new testing sites opens up in Muncie. Those experiencing symptoms can go to the testing site, rather than going to the hospital or other health facilities that have tests, but risk infecting other people.

Starting next Monday, Riley will be changing the protocol, and will only allow babies up to 18-months old to come in for wellness checks, and are not allowing more than 10 patients in the morning (8 a.m.-noon), and no more than 10 patients in the afternoon to be seen.


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