Walmart Next-Day Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic is getting worse and worse, and doctors and officials warn it may be dangerous to go out in public. Walmart has a next-day delivery service that can help people get daily necessities in a safe and convenient way.

Using Walmart’s delivery service, people can buy everything they can buy in Walmart, including fresh vegetables and fruits. At the same time, the delivery also guarantees the freshness of vegetables and fruits.

Zihao Feng, a Muncie resident, said he prefers to use next-day delivery to buy some vegetables and fruits.

“I like using next-day delivery to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits because I can get them in the next day. This means that the vegetables and fruits are still very fresh when I get them,” Feng said.

Customers can also choose when the delivery will arrive, to the hour. Meanwhile, there are two ways to accept goods. The first one is letting the delivery person deliver the item directly to you; the second one is leaving the goods outside the door and sending a message. Customers can choose either way they prefer.

“The one thing I was very shocked in the first time was that the delivery time is accurate to the hour,” Feng said. “I can also choose to let the delivery staff leave the goods outside, and send me a notify message. I think it is a good way to avoid face-to-face contact during this special period.”

The next-day delivery function is available on both website and phone app. For any order over 35 dollars, there is no extra charge for delivery. For more detailed information, please click on the official website