Stuck in quarantine, some students take the time to better themselves

COVID-19 continues along, turning a majority of the country into one giant ghost town. The outside may look desolate. For Ball State students who simply cannot return back home, more is happening inside. With more time at home and the freedom to do coursework at any time they please, many people are taking this extra time to either try something new, better themselves, or for Ball State freshman Kaleb Wood, enjoy his hobbies. Specifically, he is playing video games at home when he is not working his job as a delivery driver for Panera Bread.

"I'm using my favorite video games like Nier Atoma and playing GTA with friends to ignore it (Coronavirus). With all the talk on the news, it's kind of depressing." Wood said.

Wood also mentioned that despite the transition to online classes, the coursework has fallen dramatically for him in some classes...but not all of them. The content is still the same as he usually gets every week during an in-person class. However, for each student, every class may differ.

Other students are taking their opportunities and running wild with creativity. Joshua Shepherd, a junior, is using this time to be more productive, and overall try to become a more well-rounded person.

“(For my daily routine) I’ve been running on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day and reading for two hours, so as to make sure I am being productive in my day,” Shepherd said. Occasionally I’ll work on school or watch a netflix series, but it’s mostly running and reading”

He says also that there is the looming concern for the fall, preferring to spend his last year on campus rather than behind a computer for another full year of classes. ”I believe if things don’t start improving by late July or early August, chances are it will be another semester of online classes.”

Ball State University recently announced that the virtual only classes would also apply for the summer term as well. No decision has yet been made on if these students will be in classes or on computers in August 2020.


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