Chinese students in Ball State get the epidemic prevention "health package"

On April 19 and April 20, the health package distributed by the Chinese Consulate in Chicago arrived at Ball State University. Under the organization of Zi Wang, the president of the Chinese Student Union, and Zicheng Wang, the former president, Chinese students at Ball State University went to collect the epidemic prevention materials such as wipes, KN95 masks, medicines, disposable gloves and so on. These materials were sent by China in order to help overseas students to survive the large-scale epidemic.

“I am very touched by the love from my motherland.” Hui Ren, a junior student come from China, “They are all free. And these items give us so much courage under this difficult situation.”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Chinese students have faced problems such as lack of materials overseas. Starting in April, Chinese Consulate in the United States began to distribute ordinary medical masks to Chinese students. Subsequently, the transportation of materials was increased and changed to “health bags” with 20 medical masks, 2 KN95 masks, disinfectant wipes, Lian Hua Qing Wen capsule, and disposable gloves. Chinese students can get it for free with showing their passports. The Chinese Consulate in Chicago distributes these materials through the BSU Chinese Student Association. In order to prevent the risk of infection caused by gathering, Zi Wang, the president of the Chinese Student Union, set the collection location outdoors and asked students to pick it up at different times.

“All students are very organized and the whole process is very fast.” Zicheng Wang said, “In the process, the Chicago Consulate has kept in touch with us, they want to ensure that every Chinese student can get enough supplies.”

International students from China are grateful for the consulate ’s approach. Many students told their parents after they got the health pack. Others expressed their gratitude to the motherland on social media. According to the BSU Chinese Student Association, this will not be the last batch of health package. After that, according to the development of the epidemic, more materials will arrive. They hope that Chinese students can get help in this difficulty, making them feel not alone, because the motherland is still thinking about them.