Students call for more bus routes and stations

For many students who do not have a car, the school's routes are the most convenient means of transportation. However, the main loop of the school's routes covers the main road of the school, McKinley Avenue, and all four lines run almost in the same place.

For those classroom buildings far from the main road, students can only choose to walk or drive because there are no bus stations nearby. The closest station to those buildings is the Student Center station. Many students take nearly ten minutes to walk to the station. At the same time, because of the shortage of station sites, this station is often overflowing, which makes the bus extremely crowded.

“I just finished my class in Robert Bell Building and now I need to walk to the Cooper Science Building, that will spend about 10 minutes,” said Xinhun Shen, a student major in Journalism, “There is no bus stop in front of the Cooper Science Building, I think the school should consider building more bus stops.”

The shortage of stations is also a problem for students living in school apartments. Some school apartments are far from station sites and only one route passes by. If they miss the bus, they have to wait another 10 to 20 minutes.

Vivian He, a resident of the Varsity House, also complains about the bus station shortage problem. “The nearest bus stop to our community is the orange line, which is the most convenient way for me to go to school and go home,” he said. “However, I have to walk for more than ten minutes to get to the bus station every day.” She also said that it would be better if schools could think more about students living nearby when setting up bus stops.”

Many students say the blue line is a great addition. It has more drop-off points than any other line, and stops at stations close to many locations near schools. To make it even more convenient, setting up more bus stops would be helpful.


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