Spice up your life with Puerto Vallarta

Five reasons why Puerto Vallarta should be your favorite:


Have you even lived in Muncie if you haven’t been to Puerto Vallarta? 

Just kidding… but really, it’s time to try out Puerto Vallarta for delicious Mexican food and more! If you’re not convinced yet, we’re giving you four reasons why your next meal out should come from Puerto Vallarta:

1. Speedy Takeout

Are you tired of cooking at home? Or did you forget to thaw something in the freezer? Never fear, Puerto Vallerta is here to save the day! Grab some takeout and enjoy flavor-filled Mexican cuisine in the comfort of your own home. Puerto Vallarta offers speedy takeout so you can get on your way.  

2. Lunch Specials

Want to spice up your afternoon lunch plans? Get in on all of Puerto Vallarta’s affordable lunch specials! Their wide-range lunch menu features fan favorites like fajitas, burritos, chimichangas and more, all priced under $9. 

3. Something for Everyone

The options are endless at Puerto Vallarta! With a vast menu filled with all of your favorite Mexican foods, this Muncie fan-favorite Mexican restaurant offers everything your heart, and stomach desires. Chow down on some delicious chalupas, tacos, and tamales or take a lighter route with a taco salad. There are even vegetarian options, like veggie fajitas or nachos. 

4. Free Chips & Salsa

Who can say no? Start your experience at Puerto Vallarta with their homemade tortilla chips and salsa! Craving more? If you’re a dip connoisseur you can enjoy fresh guacamole or hot queso for as low as $3.49. 

Are you hungry yet? Find more information about Puerto Vallarta and their yummy menu on their website

When you are ready to order, call up any of our three Muncie loactions.

Tillotson Ave: 765-288-5825

North Broadway Ave: 765-287-8897

North Wheeling Ave: 765-282-8191

Make sure to pick up a copy of The Daily News or download our coupon for at BallStateDaily.com for 15% off of your entire meal at Puerto Vallarta. Cheers!

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