The Delaware County Board of Commissioners signed an emergency disaster declaration Friday listing additional closures of businesses in the county, effective immediately.

The declaration states all businesses, gatherings, services, memorials or functions of any kind except one's specifically permitted under the declaration shall immediately close and cease activities.

Some of the businesses that will remain open include grocery stores, gas stations, food services offering delivery or takeout options, pharmacies, utility and infrastructure maintenance and repair services, and telecommunications and cellular services.

All county offices and buildings or facilities will be closed except those related to emergency matters and to assist the commissioners, health department and the Delaware County Emergency Management Authority in their functions to maintain the "continuity of government."

The declaration states any person, firm or entity found to be operating in violation of the order may be fined up to $2,500 for each violation — with each day constituting a separate violation.

The following document shows the complete declaration along with list of specific businesses exempt from the being closed:

Delaware County Emergency Management Director Jason Rogers, in his Friday briefing, provided additional explanations about the emergency declaration and travel advisories in surrounding counties, and clarified what essential travel entails.