New MITS app makes it easier to ride

In order to optimize the ride experience for Muncie residents, MITS has launched a new APP. On this app, people can freely check all 14 bus lines according to their needs. They can clearly see where the bus is now.

Unlike the old app, the new app is visually optimized, the interface becomes clearer. On the new APP, each individually displayed route allows people to see where each bus line can reach, and the main stops are marked on the line. People can more easily get the information they need, and the real-time location of the bus is more accurate. At the same time, the new version of the APP adds an arrow indicating the direction of the bus.

Tom Wang is a student at Ball State University. When he needs to travel on the MITS bus, he often uses the MITS bus app. When he learned that MITS bus launched a new app, he immediately downloaded and used it.

"Compared with the old app, the new app does a very good job in terms of visuals, the interface is cleaner and the view is not too much, which is really good," he said. "I can see the direction and real-time location of the bus, and I also can see where I am, that is a good change."

Many people say MITS needs to promote the new app better. Although it is mentioned on the MITS website, there is no announcement on the old app to uninstall it and install the new app. This has caused many people who have previously downloaded the old version of the app to still use the old version. With the release of the new version the old version of the app has stopped updating the bus locations.

"One day I opened the old app and wanted to get the bus location information, but I was surprised to find that this app no longer works," said Jingyu Li, who almost use the MITS bus app every day. "MITS bus should let more people knowing the fact that they launched a new app, a good way is to prompt people on the old app to delete the old one and download the new app."

Therefore, the MITS bus company needs to promote the new APP more to let more people know the new APP. The use and promotion of the new APP will bring more convenience to Muncie residents, and will optimize their travel experience.


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