Muncie video game store revives nostalgia with retro-themed arcade

Arcades were always a great place for friends and fun, however nowadays there are fewer and fewer arcades and fun spots for smaller communities.

It’s the present day at Fudd’s in Muncie. The classic game store has much more than meets the eye, as it recently added it’s own retro themed arcade room. Store Owner Chris Wallace explains why he wanted to create this throwback arcade.

The Arcade had been open for over three months and has seen a good amount of success. Targeting both young teens, and their parents at once, is a feat this arcade has been able to pull off. The weekends here are always bustling according to Manager Brandin Gardner, however on a weekday afternon or evening, there might hardly be anyone the entire day. He says that he might sell one or up to thirty five passes on a weekday, but on a Saturday afternoon, he can sell thirty five in just an hour.

The benefit of these passes is that the eight dollar cost gives customers a full day of all-you-can-play fun in the arcade. With all the games set to free play, it makes it an amazing deal for fans and is a big money saver over a traditional quarter insert for play.

This arcade marks the only one of it’s kind in all of Delaware County. Wallace takes pride in his new creation, but it’s the customers, the arcade gamers. Those are the ones who are appreciating this new haven the most.

Currently, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the arcade has temporarily closed. However they plan to keep the game store itself open for now, and plan on re-opening the arcade soon.


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