6 feet apart: How to stay entertained while social distancing

Unsplash, Photo Courtesy
Unsplash, Photo Courtesy

For the remainder of the semester, most Ball State events students turn to for entertainment have been canceled due to COVID-19, including University Program Board’s Late Nites, Ball State’s Theatre and Dance performances and more. 

Because of these canceled events and social distancing — the CDC recommendation individuals stay at least 6 feet apart from one another to reduce the spread of the coronavirus — it can seem difficult to keep yourself entertained while working on your online class assignments. Consider these ways to curb your boredom while practicing social distancing to keep yourself and others healthy. 

  • Skype or FaceTime your friends and family. Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be cut off from the world entirely. Even if you can’t visit them in person, Skyping or FaceTiming your friends and family can be the next best option. 
  • Start an Instagram for your pet. Spend quality time snapping photos, and let your Instagram followers know how homelife is treating the two of you. 
  • Watch or read old movies and books. Instead of turning to Netflix or Hulu, consider combing through any old DVDs or books you might have lying around your house. 
  • Bake your favorite recipes. Turn to your pantry to make homemade meals you missed out on while at college. 
  • Spring cleaning. Consider looking through Pinterest to upcycle anything you may want to throw out to declutter and revamp your living space. 
  • Research your ancestry online. Get to know where you came from by using ancestry and heritage websites to deep dive into your family’s past. 
  • Have a spa day. Use common ingredients from around your house to create a comfortable, relaxing environment to pamper yourself and keep yourself calm. 
  • Have a dance party. Because gyms can often be breeding grounds for germs, many have decided to close their doors for the next few weeks out of precaution. To get your physical activity for the day, play your favorite music, dance and get your cardio in.


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