Ball State residences will be closed

This afternoon, the Ball State president’s office announced that school residence halls will be closing on March 29. This decision will affect all students living on campus, especially international students.

For local students, they can go home. However, the situation for international students is much complex. The campus residence is the only place they can live. At the same time, the earliest time to check in for both Ball State apartments and off-campus apartments is May. President Geoffrey Mearns has authorized staff to make limited exceptions to this directive in extraordinary cases, including where students may not have safe and suitable alternative living arrangements. International students are still worried about this.

Mii Tamai, a Japanese International student lives in Studebaker, said that although there will be some exceptions to students who have no place to go, she is still nervous and worried about it.

“The email I received today just told me that there will be some exceptions for our International students, but the email didn’t clearly indicate what the exceptions mean and whether we can still live in our dormitory,” Tamai said. “If the exceptions only mean that we have more time to prepare to move out of Studebaker East, I don’t know where I can go.”

International students may still stay in the dormitory, but the dormitory is still a densely populated place, especially Studebaker East, where all first-year Ball State international students live. Therefore, some students are also worried about the risk of living in the Studebaker East.

“If all International students still live in Studebaker East, there will still have many people live in it,” said Hongyi Zheng, a Chinese International student. “Even though we were all staying in our own room, we still have to share the refrigerator, kitchen and bathroom, I think this is not a good choice during such a serious period.”

More specific measures are yet to be revealed, for students who have questions about residence, they can consult by email