Muncie motorcycle dealer pushes through the winter off-season, despite slower sales

During the Summertime, Harley Davidson Motorcycles roar across the roads of America. However this is not exactly the case during the wintertime. Davis Winn reports on how the business manages during the off-season. A look at any motorcycle poster shows a bike cruising down a summer road, not in the freezing winter. Benson Motorcycles Inc. sometimes feel more like a ghost town, leaving riders longing for that first day of Spring. Benson Motorcycles General Manager, Jason Schultz, explains that this is definitely the slowest time for the business.

“As far as the motorcycle riders, this is definitely the slowest time of the year for them” he says.

He also mentions his optimism for sales, despite the slower time. They use big sales and promotions to get deals to make some extra profit during this time. Dealership owner Phil Benson plans out this aspect, stating that “You ride the wave as long as you can ride the wave.”

For now, the dealership will push forward with the events, sales, and other activities. These help give the business some revenue and also gives the motorcycle community something to do during this “hibernation period”. So for the time being, the motorcycles will more than likely have to wait until Springtime to find their new owner.


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