Black Student Association hosted Soul Food Fest

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) - February is the busiest month for the Black Student Association (BSA) since it's Black History Month. BSA has many events planned throughout the month. 

One of the many events planned was Soul Food Fest which was hosted last Saturday at Park Hall in the MPR room. The event was meaningful to some students that had attended the event. 

Asking what the reason was of Soul Food Fest and the purpose, Jayda Hartman stated, “Soul Food Fest is an event that is about family and fellowship, it gives the student the chance to be able to get the little taste of home.”

During the event, there was food being served, music being played, and card games to participate in. Many students from different backgrounds came together to make new friendships and reconnect with old ones.

“I had the opportunity to be able to spend time with friends that I haven’t seen in a while, and make connections with others outside of the classroom,” said Hartman.

Many students have attended the event and expressed how this was a special event to them. A moment to feel more at home.

“The reason it's Soul Food Fest [is] because it's food for the soul. When getting here, I had the chance to see the food that was being served and it honestly felt as if I was home, the chicken and fish that I really enjoyed having,” said Hartman.

BSA has many more events that are planned through February for Black History Month. 


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