MUNCIE, Ind (NewsLink) — Ball State musicians were given a unique opportunity during the Tom Shah Memorial Jazz Scholarship Award Concert.

The concert, held Wednesday night in Sursa Hall, featured six original compositions. The compositions were created by past and present Ball State students.

Alumnus Daniel Smith performed his song, "Sketches on a Midnight Walk," during the performance.

Five current Ball State students also wrote original compositions.

Claire Everett’s composition, "Euphoria," was inspired by excitement and happiness. 

Everett said, “It came to me because I wanted a tune that captured my, the happiness that I get from my affinity for excitement and high energy.”

Errol Zlovic, who plays the piano, came up with his song by accident. Zlovic explained that he came up with a catchy tune and simply went with it. 

Zlovic said that the best part of writing an original composition is “seeing it come to life.”

Guitar player Charlie Platz explained how creating new compositions does not come without struggles. 

Platz said, “A lot of people don’t realize that when you write a piece for big band, you’re writing for 18, 17 or 18 people that each individually have a part and they have to work together.”

The original compositions were featured in the last segment of the show.

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