An early look at spring

Tonight: Not going to be much different tonight than it has been the past few days, more clouds and chilly. Getting down to 31  tonight but winds light and variable so it won't much colder than it actually is.

Tomorrow: As we make our way into tomorrow the gloomy weather is going to continue just for a little bit longer. Some Am snow showers are possible but don't expect to see much accumulation just a light coating. Not going to get much warmer than the past week but as we make our way into Sunday those temperatures will begin to rise.

7-Day Forecast: Not a normal January forecast for sure! You can expect to see a change for the better as we make our way into Sunday, where you can expect to see temperatures reach to the upper 50's. As we begin next week those warm temperatures will stay around until Wednesday when temperatures will drop down to the 40's and 30's once again. Make sure you get out Sunday and Monday and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!


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