Ball State unveiled new banners, signage, billboards on interstate highways, a television and online commercial and more as part of “building on the success of its ‘We Fly’ marketing campaign” early this week, according to a university press release.

In 2019, after using market research to assess the two-year-old campaign’s effectiveness, the press release stated people said they had a more favorable view of Ball State after the launch of the “We Fly” campaign.

The new campaign marketing material uses new messaging, photos, videos and designs while maintaining the same logo and tagline as before, it stated.

“‘We Fly’ captures the spirit of intellectual curiosity that challenges our students and our graduates, our faculty and our staff — everyone in our community — to excel,” said President Geoffrey Mearns in the press release. “On one level, these simple two words reflect that Ball State is ascending as an institution. On a deeper level, these two words — We Fly — communicate the life-changing impact that we have on our students.”

The goals of the campaign, according to the press release, are “to increase awareness of the university’s prestige and quality, emphasize academic strengths, celebrate its perfect size, showcase creativity and differentiate Ball State from other institutions.”

It stated the messages in the campaign “reinforce Ball State’s attributes, including its welcoming community, unique immersive learning opportunities and enduring values.”

Apart from the banners and signage on campus, the eight billboards on Indiana highways and digital advertisements, travelers can see a new campaign banner at the Indianapolis International Airport.

“We want everyone to know — in Indiana and across the country and around the world — that Ball State is the best option for students who want an excellent education that prepares them to have fulfilling careers and to lead meaningful lives,” Mearns said.