Ball State Men's Volleyball Hopes to Re-gain Winning Streak

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) — The Ball State’s Men’s Volleyball team hits the road to play Penn State this Friday. The team is currently 3-3 in the season and is hoping to restart their streak this weekend. With some contentious calls in past games, and fatigue from away games, the team is trying to start games with more energy.

According to Coach Waldon, “We actually would have won the match if there would have been a correct line call,” he said in reference to a past game against George Mason University. 

Waldon was very positive about the wins that they have had this year and said, “These last three matches that we’ve lost have been a function of playing good teams [and] playing on the road.”

To team member Matt Szews, “It all starts with playing well . . . playing well and high energy goes hand in hand.” 

To do so, he tried to visualize movements, such as serving, to prepare for the game. 

Szews also said, “In practice, we are working a lot on controlling the game,” to compensate for past games where they were “pushed around.” 

To achieve a strong start, fellow teammate Kaleb Jenness said a strategy is to start with a more “offensive intensity.” According to Jenness, the team tries to stay upbeat and to approach games with more positivity.

The Ball State men’s team will travel to Penn State and Saint Francis this weekend. For more info and score updates on the games visit

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