Ball State Dance Marathon Hosts Last Event for the Road to Riley

MUNCIE, Ind (NewsLink) —With the Ball State Dance Marathon event right around the corner, the committee held a final event to draw in donations and celebrate this year’s success. The Hype Event, the final event on the Road to Riley, was held in the L.A. Pittenger Student Center on Ball State’s campus.

The event included activities such as cornhole, basketball, and coloring. Disney+ was also played in the background for any children in attendance.

While many of the Riley children were unable to come to the Hype Room event, over 50 will be in attendance for Dance Marathon on Feb. 15. During the event, Riley children and families will be surprised with the amount raised by the Ball State Dance Marathon committee. In addition, the community will be invited to participate in dancing and activities.

This year has been a record fundraising year for the committee. While the final total has not been revealed yet, the committee has made over $10,000 more than last year’s fundraising. In fact, this year’s committee has set a record for fundraising.

The committee is made up of students who volunteer their time to make a difference. While many volunteer simply to help the Riley children, others came from Riley themselves and are now giving back to those who helped them.

Vice President of Finances Austin Perlee spoke about one of his favorite parts of Dance Marathon. 

Perlee said, “The best part is that you can actually meet some of our Riley families. We have over 50 of them that most of them come to the marathon.”

The Dance Marathon event will take place on Saturday, February 15. For more information on Dance Marathon, visit their website at

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