SELMA, Ind. (NewsLink) — Al Hughes Jr. is stepping into the ring on Dec. 14 to not only fight for a record-breaking title, but for the person who motivated him to get to the place where he is now — his son. 

70-year-old Al Hughes will make history, once he enters that ring and throws the first punch, he will break the record as the oldest active boxer in the world.

“He’s badass, I don’t even think I will make it to 70,” Hughes’ coach, Mike Moles said. 

Hughes isn’t stepping into the ring for the personal gain from the fight. 

“’s not for the money, fame,or fortune.”

It’s for his son, Albert Huges Jr. III. His son gave him the initial idea to fight at his age.  

"He said dad, you ought to think about that, you might be able to do that, set that record...a couple days later I said yea..I said I will,” Hughes said. 

After he decided to go for the title, Hughes and his son decided to train together in the same spot Hughes, his son and his daughter, Angela Hughes, all trained in when they all made history in 2006. The father, son and daughter all fought on the same boxing card, and all won their matches. 

Hughes and his son were training together and getting into shape. 

“and I said son...I want to do this. We're going to do this. We're gonna go in the history books,” Hughes said. 

And they were doing great. 

"And then,” Hughes said, “that happened. He shot himself April 22.”

Just two days before Hughes 70th birthday. 

“I fell apart,” he said, “six months I couldn’t do nothing. I couldn’t tie my shoes.”

Hughes said every day he lives in grief. 

“After six months of moping around,” Hughes said, “I was standing in front of his picture and his ashes and ‘said son you really wanted me to do this and I was looking forward to this and I am going to do it for you.’"

His motivator. 

“Without that motivation, for him and I, [the fight] wouldn’t be possible,” his youngest daughter, Amanda Moles, said. 

Amanda has been his PR agent for this fight and she has sold over $5,000 worth of tickets. A portion of those proceeds will go to the Indiana Chapter of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Hughes and his family are hoping to make a difference in someone else’s life with the money. 

Hughes will be dressed in all the boxing gear his son had. The most notable piece will be the red and white boxers Hughes’s son wore the night all three Hughes made history.

Hughes’ son will not only be looking down on his dad.

"And I already got permission,” Amanda said, “I am taking his box of ashes with me to the fight, they're going to sit with me.”

Once the fight is over...

"I am coming home to tell you son, I did it and you're gonna have bragging rights for eternity,” Hughes said. 

The record breaking fight will take place on Dec. 14 at the Tyndall Armory in Indianapolis. Tickets are on sale at

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