MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink)- The University Christian Church is holding their annual Samaritan's Purse Operation next week. During the week they hope to receive 1,200 shoe-boxes full of children toys that will be handed out to children around the world. 

Sue Bousman and her husband Bill have been running the event for the past 24 years. During this time, they have gone from gathering 35 boxes their first year, to gathering 1,100 boxes last year. 

This year is unique for Bousman, because her husband passed away six weeks ago and this will be the first year Sue will have to run the operation without her husband by her side.

For her husband's funeral, Bousman and her family asked for children's gifts instead of flowers. These gifts will be packed in the boxes, so her husband will be able to bring cheer to children around the world one last time. 

This organization is special to Bousman since she and her husband started the organization. Now it is up to Sue to keep this organization alive. 

"I will be involved in this organization until the day I die," said Sue.

To help Sue reach a new record this year, shoeboxes can be filled and brought to the University Christian Church next week.

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