MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) - From Oct. 18 to Nov. 30, the Ball State Staff Council has been and will continue to collect donations for Muncie Community Schools. 

The schools are in need of items that can protect their kids from disease. 

Some of the items needed that the council named were: 

• Kleenex 

• Baby wipes 

• Clorox wipes 

• Band-aids and 

• Hand sanitizer

The donation boxes can be found in the Administration Building - room 106, Ball Communication Building - room 220, Hargreaves Music Building - room 203, Letterman Building - room 131, Lucina Hall - room 220 and the L.A. Pittenger Student Center - room L20.

Once all the donations are collected, they will be split up between the schools based off of need. 

This is only one of the many projects and drives that the Ball State Staff Council have put together.

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