MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) — Camp Red Wing held its potentially last camp out Saturday for scouts and community members to reminisce on the memories that have been made. 

The Crossroads of America Council made the decision to close three legacy camps, and Camp Red Wing is one of them. The decision has been made after the council studied the campsites and decided that it would cost less money to close these camps instead of renovating them. The renovations would add restrooms and shower facilities for girls, since the council thinks more girls will be joining Boy Scouts. 

Committee member Melanie Goode, said it is not a good idea to shut the camp down because the boys need to be outside in nature. 

“This is what kids need to be doing, this is what our boys need to be doing out here at camp Red Wing, instead of being on the games, being on the computers, and being on the phones, this is what boys life is about,” Goode said.

Scouts got the chance to experience the uniqueness of Red Wing. The size of the camp gave the troops an opportunity to find their own entertainment. 

"A lot of the larger camps have more activities to do, but ultimately, its the smaller ones that bring you closer to your friends,” Eagle Scout, Griffin Gossage said. 

 And for Gossage, that is what made the life-lasting impression on him. 

"There's a little less to do, so you're a little more reliant on making your own fun. and that really is all the strongest memories I have have been here without a doubt, compared to the bigger camps with a lot more to do,” Gossage said. 

Reminiscing on the memories was not the only thing happening at red wing, scouts were also participating in activities to earn their scouting heritage badge.

"Were getting our scouting heritage badge and havin' fun,” Boy Scouts Tanner Stockton and Jamey Ramsey said.

And for some, Camp Red Wing is more than just a campground. 

“Red Wing means home,” Scout Master Charlie Murphy said.

For now, the camp is still owned by the council and will operate normally until it is sold. 

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