Muncie Mission Continuing to Help Community Members

The Muncie Mission has provided resources and services  to community members for over 85 years. 

Housing up to 95 men at a time, the Muncie Mission focuses on men and families. With 11 dorms in the building, each dorm is designed according to what the needs and services are for the individuals staying. 

The mission offers a variety of resources such as the emergency shelter program, where individuals can stay up to 30 nights. The mission also offers a  residential addiction program. 

The addiction program is 12 to 14 months long, but once residents graduate from the program the mission offers a transitional living option. Recently the mission has purchases surrounding homes and remodeled them. The homes are now a  transitional living options for graduates of the addiction program.

“This gives them an opportunity to emerge and  re-engage in society,” Muncie Mission President, Frank Baldwin said. 

The mission also offers services for community members. The mission doors open at 12:30 on  Monday through Friday for lunch available to anyone.

“For individuals to benefit from the daily lunch that is provided to anyone in the community, there are no requirements other than to show up,” Baldwin said. “We welcome anyone and everyone and serve a meal to them.”

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, the Mission is preparing to offer a special meal to everyone. 

“We provide a Thanksgiving meal to those who might not have that benefit of gathering with friends and family and having a nice meal,” said Baldwin.

The Mission invites members of the community who do not have a place to go for Thanksgiving to join them.  

“It’s just going to be a fantastic time of having plenty of food to eat and hopefully lots of pumpkin pie,” Baldwin said. 

If you can’t attend the Thanksgiving lunch, there's a need to worry. The Muncie Missions offers a delivery service to community members. 

“We also serve and deliver meals to individuals who can’t get out,” said Baldwin. 

Muncie Mission Volunteer Coordinator, Shannon Bryan , said they receive calls leading up to Thanksgiving Day from Muncie residence would like a Thanksgiving Meal delivered. 

“Basically we take calls and take down the names of people who are wanting to have a meal delivered,” Bryan said. “They’re mostly elderly people or people that just can’t get out.” 

“We start at eight on Thanksgiving morning packing up meals of turkey and dressing and all the things that go,” siad Bryan.  “We will have over 30 drivers out delivering.”

Last year the Mission served over 600 meals with 370 of them being delivered to the houses in the Muncie Community. 

If you’re interested in donating food, or receiving a delivered meal, you can contact the Muncie Mission at 765-288-9122.


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