MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) - At 9 P.M. on Oct. 31, some Ball State students began to prepare for their yearly performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Emens Auditorium. 

The doors for the show opened at 10pm so that the audience could enjoy a pre-show at 11pm. Then, the actual performance began at Midnight.

The show was a tradition for the past 10 years and according to director, Connor Beaver, is growing each year.

“It started out in Pruis, but then it got so popular we had to move it to Emens” stated Beaver. 

This show, while a tradition, is still unique, though. The performers in the Rocky Horror Picture show are called a shadow cast. This means that they will be “lip syncing” and miming the show, while the film is played behind them. Sometimes the live characters will even scream or interact with the movie screen behind them.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show will cost $1 for the public and is free for students.

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