A new asset for the community to enjoy for exercising

MUNCIE, Ind. — Camouflaged within the trees next to the Prairie Creek Reservoir are endless trails for biking, hiking and walking. Now, visitors can find new mountain bike trails.

There are two types of trails, according to Vice President of Mid-Indiana Trails (MINT), Emily Bradway. One is a gravel trail for hikers or bikers, that does not require much skill. The other is a dirt trail, designed for a range of riders; beginners to experts. 

“So you can take somebody brand new out to do the beginner loop, or you can take somebody that likes jumping off stuff, we got stuff like that out there too,” Emily said. 

This project started when community volunteers took charge and started building the mountain bike trails by hand. And after three years of doing the dirty work, they built 1.7 miles of trail. That is when the support from local foundations like…

“...the Ball Brothers Foundation, the Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, the Edmund Virginia Ball Foundation, and the George and Frances Ball Foundation all were gracious enough to award us with grants,” President of MINT, Dave Bradway said. 

Mountain bikers like Luther Prater, believe everyone should experience these trails.

“The trails are a great asset for the community, and I think everyone who has a bicycle and helmet should come out and enjoy them.” Prater said. 

Everyone in and around Muncie is able to enjoy these trails. A “grand opening” is set to take place when the project is complete and once the temperatures get warmer. 


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