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As of Oct. 3, 2019, online sports betting is legal in the state of Indiana. Although physical sportsbooks have been open since the beginning of September, people within state lines can now place bets right from his/her phone. 

Here are a few things that you need to know about the new laws regarding online sports gambling. 

Legal Age

First thing’s first, you have to be of age. Like alcohol the legal online gambling age is 21 in Indiana. Those under 21 do not have many options and will have to wait until his/her 21st birthday. 

Where to Bet

Probably the most important information to know about this new law is where bets can be made. According to Legal Sports Report, bets must be made within the state lines of Indiana. Online sportsbooks will be using geolocation to confirm that these activities are happening in Indiana. 

However, people who place bets do not need to be from Indiana or a resident of Indiana. The bet must be placed within the state. This means that an influx of gamblers from Chicago, Cincinnati and other places may be traveling to the Hoosier state to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Rep. Jon Koznick, R-Lakeville placed his bet at the sports betting kiosks at FanDuel Sportsbook in Diamond Jo Casino. (Star Tribune, TNS)

How to Bet

Other than going to a Casino or physical sportsbook the easiest way to bet is by using an app that supports gambling in Indiana. The biggest one to break into this new market is DraftKings. DraftKings is known for being a site that specializes in fantasy sports games that is technically not gambling. Then, as more and more states entertained the idea of online gambling, DraftKings opened a sportsbook to make an already big company bigger. 

The only other app to start taking bets in Indiana is BetRivers. Although there are only two to start, it is most likely that other companies like SportsBet, MyBookie and other sportsbooks will take advantage of the big opportunities that lie in Indiana. 

What to Bet On

Of the four major sports leagues, two of them have a home in Indiana. The Colts and Pacers are going to be big pulls when it comes to revenue made while gambling. Although there are limitations with gambling on universities, people can still place bets on schools like Notre Dame, Purdue, Indiana and even Ball State. However, bets are not to be permitted while the contest is going on. This means that there is no doubling-down or other side actions while the game is going on. Because of NCAA rules, there are other regulations that differ from what can be done when betting on professional sports. 

Now that online sports betting is legal in Indiana, we will see how this phenomenon will spread throughout the Midwest and if it has any impact on the sports being played. 

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