Local Senior hopes to cap off impressive career

MUNCIE, Ind. — The High School Bowling season is at full pace. Muncie Central Senior, Scotty Kramer III is already well on his way to continue his impressive career. 

Kramer won the state championship in Middle School and came in second place his sophomore year of High School.

The Bearcats had a solid start to the season as they placed in the top three in their first three meets, including a first place finish on Saturday. Kramer has had no small part in this success as he averaged a 207 in single games so far this season.

One thing that Kramer said he is looking to improve upon this year among all else is his leadership since he is a senior this year.

“I had a bunch of sophomores and freshmen on the team last year and I didn’t act like the junior or senior,” said Kramer, “I’m trying to grow into a leadership role.”

Bowling is also something that Kramer related to his family life outside of school as his father, Scott Kramer Jr., also happened to be the head coach of the Muncie Central Bowling team.

 According to coach Kramer, coaching his son was something that, at times, brought them closer.

“I’ve been coaching him since he was three,” said Coach Kramer. “He doesn’t need a lot of coaching because he just gets on the lanes and does it.”

Kramer, who has bowled four perfect games, is gearing up for the Bearcats next meet which is Saturday, Nov 1., at Northside Lanes in Hartford City, Indiana.

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