Lloyd the People Cat recovering after being hit by a truck

MUNCIE, Ind. (Newslink) - Lloyd the People Cat is still in recovery after he was hit Friday, Oct. 25 near the Lafollette Complex. Sources say, that the cat was hit by a truck while chasing a chipmunk on campus. 

Owner Jody Mason was contacted shortly after the incident and said she was preparing for the worst. 

Around 30 students crowded around Lloyd directly following the incident. 

Mason, then rushed Lloyd to Muncie's First Care Animal hospital for X-Rays. 

Results from the X-Rays showed that Lloyd's jawline was very wounded and was then sent over to the VCA Northwood Animal Hospital for procedures. 

Doctor's stapled his jaw and stabilized his lower jaw with inter-fragmentary wiring. 

As of this morning, Lloyd was released from the Northwood hospital. Lloyd’s estimated recovery time is a month, until the staples and wires are scheduled for removal. 

This means students passing by Lafollette Fields and Johnson Complexes, will have to wait a bit longer until the furry little friend recovers and starts roaming around again. 

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