David Owsley Museum of Art opens new art exhibit

MUNCIE, Ind. (Newslink)  - The David Owsley Museum of Art is honoring Hispanic Heritage Month with a new art installation. The mini installation is located in the same space where the museum hosts installations for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Native American Heritage Month, and many more.

Museum collective manager and registar, Denise Mahoney, will be having an Express Talk this Wednesday at noon to discuss more about the art pieces.

“This is a way to put the works on view,” Mahoney said, “these works are on paper; however, they are normally in storage. Because of their fragility and sensitivity to light the works cannot be shown for long periods of time. After this month the art works will be put to “rest” for almost a year or longer before being installed again, for any length of time.”

The art on display is under special light and in a case to help preserve the paper. This is due to not only the age of the but as Mahoney stated the type of art it is.

Mahoney will be speaking about the five artist and each of their art pieces, quickly, however. Since it is an express talk Mahoney will be only speaking for 30 minutes to an hour at max.

“This gives you a chance to come see the exhibit and still make it back in time for lunch,” Mahoney said, “I want to put an emphasizes on express, it will be quick.

The works of art will have been up for two weeks and will continue to stay up until October 21, in the Davide Owsley Museum of Art.

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