Ball State's new Health Professions Building will host ribbon cutting ceremony Oct. 18

MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) - Students and real-world experience mix within the new Health Professions Building. The $87.5 million building opened just before the start of the semester and is planning to hold its ribbon cutting Friday.

The building holds many new, student-friendly amenities, such as mock doctor check-up rooms. Students team up with "acting patients" to perform basic checkups and visits. The students go through the checkup motions using real equipment on real people.

Many new, updated mannequins were also added to the buildings amenities. Director of Clinical Simulation Karrie Osborne says that these life-like dolls are exceptional in helping students as they, "help students learn skills, practice skills before they go out and do it on real life people."

The students even name these dummies, such as student-favorite "Martha." Dummies like Martha have the ability to simulate post-operation bleeding, infection, and other medical issues.

The new building also encompasses four new clinics. These clinics are open to the Muncie community and are another great strengths-builder for the students.

According to Blair Mattern, the Director of Interdisciplinary Clinical Operations, IU Medical students filter out through the program. Because they are still students, the extent of their medical practicing is typically regular check-ups before the specialists come in.

The Health Professions building will host it's ribbon cutting ceremony Friday at 3 p.m. at the Riverside entrance.

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