You could live steps away from campus

We found one of the closest houses to campus, just for you.



For the college student(s) wanting to live so close to campus, but not on campus… look no further, because we found great options for you. 

It’s called 1417 W Abbott Street. The house shares a property line with Worthen, which means you can hop, skip and jump over to campus grounds without breaking a sweat. 

What other cool bonuses does this five bedroom, two-bathroom house have?

An incredibly large living room, for starters. Measuring in at 15x24, this living room, if set up correctly, could almost fit five couches and a TV. It opens up to the dining room on one side, and the front door walkway on the other. There’s also lots of natural light, so your electric bills can be cut in half. 

The kitchen has lots of cabinet space, two refrigerators, a garbage disposal and a dishwasher. 

Rent is $400 a month, plus utilities. No pets and no smoking, please. 

Or, there’s another option: 1221 W Abbott St. This 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house has a covered front porch, newer windows, a spacious living room, tile and linoleum floors in the kitchen and dining room. Both the bathroom and kitchen have been recently remodeled. The backyard has enough parking for you, your roommate and a friend or two. There’s also a large basement with a washer and dryer. 

Rent is $400 plus utilties. No pets and no smoking, please. 

No cosigner needed for a lease with Jim Fanyo!

If you think you’d benefit by being a two-minute walk from campus grounds, contact Jim Fanyo at (765)28-5741 or


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