Village Green Records (VGR) is one of nine Indiana donation locations participating in The Satanic Temple (TST) Indiana’s campaign, Menstruatin’ With Satan. 

“There’s something kind of fun and transgressive about what The Satanic Temple does and about a program like Menstruatin’ With Satan that I think fits our sort of metal mentality,” said Travis Harvey, owner of VGR. “It’s really metal to think about these things, and it’s cool and proactive at the same time.” 

Harvey said, for seven weeks, he will offer 25 percent off a used record or 10 percent off a new record to all customers who donate a sealed box of menstrual hygiene products. This includes tampons, pads, pantyliners, menstrual cups and wet wipes. 

Muncie Public Library employee Luke Mitchell took advantage of the discount and added to his rock music collection by donating a box of pads. 

“I’m 100 percent behind what they’re doing because they’re challenging the status quo, and at the same time, aiding a group of people who need this basic form of health care,” Mitchell said. 

All donations will be given to a local Indiana charity that specializes in providing menstrual hygiene products to homeless women. Jennifer Amudsias, co-head of Indiana’s TST chapter, said the charity did not give TST permission to use its name in media coverage.

“I think that menstrual products are a burden for anybody who is socioeconomically challenged, so we are trying to create another venue for those women to be able to access them and also show collaboration and how it benefits our community,” said Sarah Ponto Rivera, TST member. 

Dena Mullins, assistant lecturer of health science, explained that when women have to go without menstrual hygiene products such as tampons or pads, they often result to using paper towels, tissues, towels and reusable diapers — substitutes that are not as effective. 

Mullins also said women unable to purchase these hygiene products will leave tampons in for longer than instructed.

“If women leave them in for too long,” she said, “it can increase the risk of bacterial infections, including toxic shock … which is a potentially fatal sudden illness than can cause flu-like symptoms such as fever, vomiting and drops in blood pressure.”

Emily Wright, DN

 Mullins said she thinks the Menstruatin’ With Satan campaign is a good idea and has not heard of anyone doing something similar in the past.

The official Indiana campaign began Aug. 5, but other TST chapters began the Menstruatin’ With Satan campaign a little more than a year ago. 

Amdusias said chapter officials decided to host this campaign after seeing the positive effects other chapters had on their communities. 

“We decided we’d like to host one in Indiana to help benefit shelters and people experiencing homelessness here,” Amdusias said. 

All donation locations in Indiana are posted on TST Indiana’s Facebook page. Amdusias said TST chose its locations for the event based off connections TST had already formed.  

VGR was no exception since Harvey knew the person who founded TST nationally before he offered his store as a location for the drive.

“When we learned some people were excited about creating a chapter here in Indiana, my partner and I did everything we could to help them and cater to helping them organize themselves and create different events and programs,” Harvey said. 

VGR will continue to accept donations until Oct. 20, when the Indiana campaign ends. 

“It’s essentially great to see us helping out our sisters,” Harvey said.

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