Muncie church on lookout for their stolen outdoor sign

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) - Eyes are focused on the Muncie First Presbyterian Church, as leaders look for answers on the outside sign that was stolen this past Saturday. This is not the first time the First Presbyterian Church has dealt with vandalization, as they experienced their first incident over two years ago. 

The Church is known to welcome the LGBTQ+ community, and Church Manager Robert Abner thinks that could potentially tie into the vandalism incidents. 

“We are very inclusive of all people, and that is controversial to some folk,” says Abner. 

There was word of vandalization Saturday morning stating that the sign was off the post. However, when Abner and other Church member arrived the sign was completely gone. Abner commented that he had looked through nearby dumpsters, and the sign was nowhere to be found. 

Members of the Church filed a Police Report following Saturday’s incident. Abner commented that the main reason behind filing the report, was because the sign cost over $2000. 

Although, Abner’s Facebook post addressing the missing sign at the church, gained a lot of attention, with hundreds of people reacting and responding. Abner and the church members are urging the community to reach out if they know anything about where this sign would be. 

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