Freshmen Standouts Lead Ball State Cross Country

MUNCIE, Ind.(NewsLink) - Freshmen Juliana Stogsdill and Vivian Van Eck are continuing their star seasons in this week’s upcoming meet at Michigan State.

The freshemen might feel new to Ball State’s Cross Country team, but they are making a big impact early in their college careers.

Stogsdill led all Ball State runners at the Butler Twilight meet, while Van Eck was the Ball State leader the next week at the Indiana Wesleyan University Twilight Classic. Both Ball State runners set personal records in their races.

These early impact performances do not come as a surprise to Ball State’s distance coach Rachel McFarlane.

“We knew they were gonna come in and make a difference," said McFarlane.

She also believes the two freshmen have a good chance to continue with their impact performances going forward.

"I expect them to keep dropping time. I mean they're working really hard in practice every day."

The Cross Country team will make their way to the Spartan Invitational at Michigan State University this Saturday. Along with their Big Ten hosts, the team will also get their first taste of MAC competition. MAC squads, Bowling Green and Western Michigan will also be attending the meet.

“I'm excited because MAC championships is a really big meet, and it's always good to race them before that meet to know what to expect,” says Stogsdill.

The young freshmen leaders and the rest of the cross country team look forward to continue their strong start at the meet.

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