BSU Rentals wants to give you a nest to chirp about!


With so many housing options on and around campus, making a decision of where to land can be difficult. BSU Rentals makes it easy for you to make a decision! With houses and apartments within walking distance from campus, you can be confident that any choice with BSU Rentals will bring a great college experience! 

You may be asking, “Why BSU Rentals over the other property groups?” Let us tell you why! 

1. Safe and clean

Our owners take pride in their real estate and we honor that by giving them, and you, clean, well-maintained rentals near Ball State. Our 24-hour maintenance crew ensures that whenever there is a problem, it is fixed immediately. 

2. Close to campus

All of our houses and apartments are within walking distance to campus. This is especially great for those of you that always seem to be in a hurry or oversleep. Treat yourself to those few extra minutes of sleep. They add up. 

3. Affordable

BSU Rentals offers a wide array of properties from one to six-bedroom houses and even apartments, to ensure that you can find a property within your budget and big enough for you and your roommates. 

There’s still more to chirp about!

24- hour maintenance

Free parking

Most properties have laundry in-unit or on-site

Majority of properties are pet-friendly

Reward program in which you have the chance to win gift cards and prizes

Exclusive discounts at local hot spots through the Door Deals program 

We also offer fantastic perks for being a tenant with us. Our referral program allows you to refer friends and receive a $100 gift card when your friend completes a new lease. Also, our “Door Deals” perk allows you to receive awesome discounts at participating local businesses when you flash your BSU Rentals key chain. 

Ready to land in the perfect nest? Head over to to see what rentals are waiting for you today! 

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