The local farmers market will be setting up closer to Ball State students in The Village, in part to celebrate Welcome Week.

Muncie Makers Market, a weekly outdoor farmers market, will be setting up on University Avenue 4-7 p.m. Tuesday along the sidewalks of Village Promenade apartments.

This farmers market is usually set up every Saturday in front of Books & Brews, a bar and bookstore.

The event is being held to follow the “better together” idea for Muncie and Ball State “to bring town and gown closer together all the time,” said Moth Danner, market master who runs the farmers market.

“Muncie Makers Market is very specifically a celebration of all things local and entrepreneurial,” she said. “If you see produce at the market the person who is selling it to you is the person who grew it. The same with everything that’s homemade and handmade — if you see it then somebody cooked it or made it and that is the same person who is selling it to you.”

Danner said she knew some people who worked at Village Promenade, which is simultaneously hosting a Welcome Week cookout. It offered Muncie Makers Market space for setting up.

Apart from Welcome Week she might possibly host a holiday market right before students leave at the end of the semester.

“You never know. If this works well and the students like having us there maybe we will do it more often,” she said.

Danner said she’s the ninth generation from her family to live in Muncie and has been running the farmers market for the past four years.

Apart from selling products like cake pops, jewelry, organic body care etc. she said the farmers market was also meant to “celebrate Muncie in this area.”

“The reason why the town and gown symbiotic relationship is important is because neither could exist without the other and that needs to be more celebrated,” Danner said. 

She said while Muncie would not be a “dynamic town” without Ball State, part of what attracts students to Ball State is Muncie.

“Having curious and energetic and intelligent people come in every semester — a new fresh crop — and all the dedicated students pursuing their future here just improves this town in a way that can’t be compared,” Danner said. “Many universities are of high quality … but we want to make Muncie attractive so that people have a fun time while they’re here.”

“Fun,” “opportunity” and “inspiration” she said is what the farmers market wishes to present to Ball State students and the larger Muncie community.