Make a Move Off of Campus

Here’s some tips for moving off campus when you’re ready to take that step!


When should I start looking for off-campus housing?

The leasing season for the next school year usually begins as soon as September the year before.

I want a house with a bunch of my friends! (Or a unit by myself!) has a variety of houses and apartments ranging from 1 bedroom to 6 bedrooms. Big groups (4+) wanting houses should find their house by the end of October to get the best available. If you’re looking for 3 bedrooms or less you should find good housing all year long (although 1 bedrooms are gaining in popularity!), but obviously the early bird gets the best worm, so it doesn’t hurt to start your search in October as well. 

I toured a model apartment but wasn’t allowed to see the specific unit I will be assigned.

At, we always show you exactly what you’re getting! Be sure to get a tour of the actual unit you’re going to be living in. If a landlord is not allowing you to see the unit you will be assigned, there’s a good chance it may not reach your expectations upon move-in.

The landlord is promising renovations to the unit/house I would be moving into.

That’s great! Be sure all of the planned renovations (paint, floor, appliances) are in the lease prior to signing to be sure they live up to their end of the bargain.

What else should I know? 

Location is key when you’re looking off campus! has the most locations, close to campus and within walking distance. And if you want a furry friend for company, properties are the most pet-friendly you’ll find around! Many of our properties have no breed or weight restrictions — something our competitors can’t say!

I’m ready to move off campus!

Yeah! Stop by our office in the Village: 1701 W University Avenue, give us a call: 765.289.7618, or chat with us on our website. We’re happy to help! 

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