A former Ball State Football player died after being shot this weekend in Tampa, Florida.

Eric Patterson, 26, died at the hospital after being shot at his house around 5 a.m. June 8, according to a Tampa Police Department’s (TPD) media alert. Patterson previously played for NFL teams like Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns.

Patterson’s roommate was woken up after hearing a commotion within the house. The roommate came out to the living space and saw the unknown suspect in the residence and the victim lying on his back appearing to be shot, the alert states.

The unknown suspect fled from the house. Later, TPD arrived and began lifesaving measures while Tampa Fire Rescue arrived and transported the victim to the hospital where he died.

The alert states the shooting does not appear to be random. Police are still investigating the incident and will send out an updated media alert when additional information regarding the victim or the overall investigation becomes available.

According to Ball State Football's roster Patterson played cornerback for the Cardinals from 2011-14.

“We are mourning the passing of one of our own, Eric Patterson,” tweeted Ball State Football Head Coach Mike Neu Monday morning, asking people to keep him and his family in their prayers. “Once a Cardinal, always a Cardinal.”

This story will be updated.