In a campus-wide email, Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns requested suggestions from the campus community regarding the location of a newly unveiled mural.

"Beneficence Mural," created for the university by artists in the community on behalf of the Muncie Artists Guild, was presented to the community June 14, 2019, at the Centennial Closing celebrations in the Quad.

The mural depicts the Beneficence statue as seen from the southeast direction with a single pillar of the monument in the background against fall leaves and a blue sky.

"I am grateful to all the local artists who contributed their time and talent to this wonderful portrait of Beneficence," Mearns said in the email, thanking each artist and guild member who created an 18-by-18-inch panel that when all 24 are combined form the mural.

He invited the Ball State community to share ideas for where the gift should be placed on campus by completing an online form by June 25. Later in the summer, he will announce where the mural will be installed, the email states.

"She is a beautiful symbol of our proud past—a symbol that will guide us into our bright future," Mearns said about the statue popularly known by Ball State students as "Benny."