The results are in from the Delaware County's primary elections Tuesday.

Muncie's mayoral primaries for the Democratic and Republican parties concluded with Terry Whitt Bailey winning the votes to represent the Democratic Party and Dan Ridenour winning from the Republican Party.

With 8,161 voters, total voter turnout for the 2019 primaries was 17.43 percent, higher than the previous two years when mayoral primary elections were held — 8.23 percent in 2015 and 16.95 percent in 2011.

The elected primary candidates will face off once again in the general elections Nov. 5.

Here are the results for some of the positions listed on the ballot in Delaware County:


  • Democratic: Terry Whitt Bailey
  • Republican: Dan Ridenour

City Court Clerk

  • Democratic: Melissa Peckinpaugh
  • Republican: Belinda Munson

City Court Judge

  • Democratic: Amanda Dunnuck
  • Republican: No candidate filed

City Council At-large

  • Democratic:
    Nora Evans Powell
    Watasha "Barnes" Griffin
    Linda Gregory
  • Republican:
    Troy A. Ingram
    Richard M. Ivy
    Aaron Clark 

City Council District #1

  • Democratic: Douglas A. Marshall
  • Republican: Ralph (Jigger) Smith

City Council District #2

  • Democratic: Jeff Robinson
  • Republican: Brandon Murphy

City Council District #3

  • Democratic: Ray Dudley
  • Republican: Scott Paluch

City Council District #4

  • Democratic: No candidate filed
  • Republican: Bradley (Brad) Polk

City Council District #5

  • Democratic: Jerry D. Dishman
  • Republican: No candidate filed

City Council District #6

  • Democratic: Anitra Davis
  • Republican: No candidate filed