Ball State TCOM Professor's New Book Showcases Local History

When he's not teaching telecommunications classes or serving in his role as the president of the Delaware County Historical Society, Chris Flook is doing other things, including research for his column,  Bygone Muncie. 

It was research for that column two years ago when Flook found more than he expected.

"I found like a ton of communities, some of which are on the map, some of which are not, some of which are completely gone. It was just sort of a rabbit hole of research, and after a certain point, I had so much stuff that I felt I could probably do a book," Flook said.

That book, Lost Towns of Delaware County, introduces readers to several hamlets, villages and towns, including Elizabethtown, which first came up in the 1830s. Flook estimates at its peak, Elizabethtown had maybe 100 residents.

Flook is hosting a presentation and book signing April 5 at 6 p.m. at Carnegie Library. Proceeds from the book will benefit the Delaware County Historical Society.


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