MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) – A little bit of wiggle room is what the Boys and Girls Clubs of Muncie needs, and that is what the team is reaching for. The club is competing to win a grant of $25,000 from the Gannett Foundation. 

“Whatever money we raise will go toward our Minds in Motion room. We will get new flooring, new painting, and new seating. Times are changing, so we will be getting Wi-Fi and technology in this space so that the kids can learn to use their minds and bodies in learning,” said COO of the club, Qiana Clemens.

To be eligible for the one-time grant, the team must raise at least $6,000.

Clemens says that what the community needs to do now is give, give, give.

“Our kids deserve it. They deserve to come somewhere that they can learn and play and have positive adults in their lives to help them grow into successful people.”

And that’s exactly what this building is for children in the Muncie community – a positive place. 

“I can’t explain it… they’re really nice people and they want to help children,” said ten-year-old Amiayah Embry, Kid of the Year at the Boys and Girls Clubs.

But no matter the amount raised, the money will be used for the team to keep doing just what they do. Which, As Amiayah says, it to “have a good time.”