MUNCIE, Ind. (NewsLink) – While Notre Dame may be over 4,000 miles away, that doesn’t mean yesterday’s events didn’t affect people in Muncie.

While some watched the historic building's fire on TV yesterday, Ball State French professor Sue Guillaud spent her Monday afternoon locating her family in Paris. Guillaud says that when hearing of a tragedy near your family, family who is far away especially, it is impossible not to have flashbacks to the terrorist attacks that have occurred in France, such as the attacks that that took place in November of 2015. 

“Immediately when I heard about the terrorist attacks I said ‘Where’s my niece, where’s my nephew?’My niece… just didn’t go out for coffee [that day]. She worked on the street where that attack was,’” Guillaud said.

Guillaud was happy to report that both her niece and her nephew were safe following the loss of Notre Dame. Though, hearts still ache for the loss of the over 800-year-old artifact.

“I think people who have been there as a tourist, is Catholic, or is French – it’s just a symbol of France,” Guillaud said.