Weather variations

Tonight: Temperatures are going to drop back down into the 30's as we progress further into the night and early into the next day. Skies are going to be cloudy throughout the night as well with winds ranging from 4-5 mph mainly coming from the Eastern direction.

Tomorrow: We are expecting mostly sunny skies tomorrow with temperatures sitting at a smooth 56 degrees with winds peaking near 10 mph. These winds will have a slight impact on how the actual temperatures feel. It may feel slightly colder than it is, so if you get cold easily, be sure to wear a thicker jacket/hoodie/coat.  

7-Day Forecast: This week we have a wide range of temperatures occurring. Our temperatures at the start of the week aren't too bad but lies in the 40's and 50's. However, as we make our way into the weekend, those temperatures are expected to reach up into the 60's. Unfortunately, these temperatures will drop once again as we head into the new and first week of April. Rain may welcome us on Friday as well as Saturday (accompanied with thunder). Overall, some nice weather is expected this week. So be sure to get outside and enjoy that weather! 

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-Weather Forecaster Nykia Martin


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