Three Poisonous Plants You Should Avoid


You probably didn’t know this, but every day when you leave your house or apartment you put yourself at risk from local flora. Whether it be on the side of the road, or in a neighbor’s garden, weeds and other plants that can cause you harm seem to grow in the most inconvenient places. 

Here are the threats you need to know. 

Threat #1: Poison Ivy 

Poison Ivy has slightly shiny, dark green leaves, which are usually found in groups of 3 and can be smooth or notched. In the fall they turn red. The plant most commonly grows as a vine but can also be found as a low-growing shrub. And what’s worse, even burning this plant won’t help! The toxins found in the leaves can easily become airborne and make their way into your lungs! 

Threat #2: Poison Hemlock 

This plant looks like a wild carrot or giant parsley, with stout, smooth stems with distinctive purple spotting, and small, white flowers in umbrella-shaped clusters. It is toxic when ingested and contains highly poisonous alkaloid compounds. It typically grows along roads, streams, trails, ditches, forest edges and waste areas. 

Threat #3: Poison Sumac 

While it’s unlikely you will come into contact with sumac in Indiana, it can be found in swampy, boggy areas and has yellowish flowers that mature into clusters of glossy yellow or off-white berries. The sumac found along the roadside as an ornamental plant is not poisonous. Still, you wouldn’t want to run into this freaky flora! 

Although these plants should be avoided, when used properly they can benefit our every day lives. Throughout history, different plants that we would fear to even look at have been used for scientific and medical uses. They have revolutionized human health and changed the way we live every day. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn more about these plants enjoying your new favorite drink? 

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