Changes continue to take place within the Student Government Organization (SGA) as the Student Judicial Court may be dropping members.

SGA has approved a resolution which changes the amount of justices the court recommends from 15 to 7 at the SGA senate meeting Wednesday March 20 in the L.A. Pittenger Student Center. The bill passed 38-0 with one abstention vote.

The resolution states that the bylaws recommend 15 justices should sit on the court.

“[Fifteen] justices on the court may lead to an unnecessarily cumbersome and tedious review process for the court when they are called upon to make a ruling,” according to the resolution. 

Co-author of the resolution Dylan Lewandowski said the purpose was not to take power away from the court, but rather to help make the court be more efficient. 

“The reason behind our legislation was because we really found it difficult and hard for our executive slate to find 15 qualified students who can successfully have an unbiased opinion and judgement,” Lewandowski said. 

Lewandowski said the court’s main purpose is to make judgements on impeachments or indictments. 

The members are chosen by the executive slate and co-author Kirk Malone said he believes there are currently five judges on the court. 

Another problem is justices are not allowed to be affiliated with the senate, which makes the recruitment pool even smaller. 

“They have found it to be difficult to be able to fill all fifteen seats with students that they entrust well enough to be able to do the job to their fullest extent,” Lewandowski said.

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