What’s for lunch? If you’re a state lawmaker or just happen to be at the Indiana Statehouse today, you’ll be treated to a full meal by Ball State students and staff who are serving food for Ball State’s annual event at the state capitol building.

The luncheon will include chicken Florentine soup, cheesy cauliflower soup, barbecue pork strombolis, roasted vegetable and cheese strombolis, hummus and vegetable salad, orzo pasta salad with lemon, broccolini, caramelized onions, spicy watermelon salad with toasted pine nuts and feta, red velvet cupcakes, pretzel toffee cookies and, most importantly, water.

During the event, Ball State representatives will also be informing state lawmakers about what the college is doing with the money allotted to them by the state budget, which is orchestrated by the Indiana House of Representatives.

The year is especially vital for the university as the general assembly will be definitively appropriating the state’s budget for the next four years in House Bill 1001.

Students and department officials will also be there to talk about their specific area of work and special projects that they are working on, said Marc Ransford, Ball State senior media strategist.

The lunch must be worth it, as Ball State’s funding would be increased by $3.3 million in the proposed budget that has passed through the House of Representatives and is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

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