'It’s our taste' since 1969, what’s yours?


Greeks Pizza, conveniently located in the Village, happily serves students and community members 7 days a week. With a menu full of great options and items made fresh on site, sometimes it can be hard to choose what to order! If you’re looking to step out of the box and try a new pizza, let us help you. 

Take this short quiz to find out which specialty pizza you should order during your next visit to Greeks!  

1. What is your favorite pizza topping?

          a. Cheese only, duh

          b. Give me all the meat

          c. Might as well be healthy and put veggies on it

          d. Pineapple belongs everywhere, especially on pizza

2. How would you describe your personality?

          a. Laid back

          b. Courageous

          c. Practical

          d. Adventurous/Inventive

3. It’s a Saturday night. Where are you?

          a. Watching a movie with friends

          b. Hitting the gym 

          c. At a museum

          d. It’s different every week 

4. What’s your favorite holiday?

          a. Christmas

          b. 4th of July

          c. Easter

          d. Halloween

5. Choose your favorite cuisine.

          a. Italian

          b. Mexican

          c. American

          d. Asian 

6. What’s your relationship status?

          a. In a relationship

          b. Single

          c. It’s complicated

          d. What even is a relationship?

7. What’s your favorite movie genre?

          a. Romance

          b. Action

          c. Drama

          d. Comedy 

8. What’s your best subject in school?

          a. English

          b. Gym

          c. Math/Science

          d. Art

Mostly A’s: You like to play it safe and there’s nothing wrong with that. While cheese might be the only topping you like, we recommend trying Greek’s Five Cheese Pizza and the Roma Pizza. Even if you believe meat and veggies shouldn’t be on pizza, at least give a variety of cheeses a try!

Mostly B’s: You’re always looking to add more protein to your diet and what better way to do that then to add extra meat to your pizza. The more meat the better! Greek’s has you covered. We recommend our Gourmet Meat Pizza, Gourmet Wings Pizza (Yes, it’s a pizza!), Rafael’s Barbecue Chicken Pizza, or the Gourmet Grilled Chicken Ranch Pizza! There’s always a pizza available that will satisfy exactly what you’re craving!

Mostly C’s: You want to make sure that even if you’re eating pizza, you’re still getting in all your veggies! Whether you’re a vegetarian, or just prefer a meatless pizza, we recommend the Garden Special Pizza or the Organic Spinach Deluxe Pizza. These pizzas are sure to take away all pizza guilt, and make you feel happy and healthy!

Mostly D’s: You’re one of those crazy people who think pineapple should be on pizza, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we created the Hawaiian Special Pizza. You like to try things that are out of the box and we want to ensure that there’s always a pizza for you! We also recommend you try our Cordon Bleu Rafael Pizza if you’re looking for an explosion of flavor, and hey, no shame if you want to add pineapple to it! 

Chris Karamesines, founder of Greeks Pizza, believes eating should be a totally pleasurable experience. Stop by Greeks Pizza to try your recommended pizza and make your next meal a very pleasurable experience. 

Greeks is open Monday- Wednesday and Sunday between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m., and Thursday- Saturday between 11 and 12 a.m. Stop by for a late night slice on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:30 p.m. till last call. For more information and to view the full menu check out Greek’s website

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