A clear Wednesday gives way to a rainy weekend

Tonight:  Clear conditions stick around as a high pressure still dominates the area for the next 24 hours. Expect the winds to die down overnight and become more variable with time.

Tomorrow: Skies will be clear for the majority of tomorrow as the high pressure still is the dominate weather system. However, a disturbance will approach the state and bump up our rain chances tomorrow night and Thursday morning. If it does rain I don't expect any major rain amounts with this. 

7-Day: We are looking to end the month of March on a warm spell or at least it will feel warm. The average high is 56 at the end of March and we will barely be above that over the next 4 days. Warmer weather doesn't come for cheap. Expect rain to be the leading force for the start of the weekend with an inch of rain possible by the end of Saturday. There is good news for those craving spring, the overall pattern looks to be turning warmer than average. This comes as relief as most of the month we spent below average.

--NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecaster Jordan Nienaber.

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