Meet Zeke from MACS

MUNCIE, Ind.- The Muncie Animal Shelter is looking for a home for Zeke, a dog that has been with the shelter for a while. 

Zeke, also known as ‘Ninja’, has been in and out of the shelter since he was a puppy. The shelter suspects he has been abused in his past, making it difficult to find his right family.  He is an energetic and playful dog who requires a lot of attention and often gets the "zoomies."

"It's nervous energy and they just run around. He’ll do it in his kennel a lot if he’s nervous or lonely," Tucker Eckweiler said. "He'll just chase his tail or he likes to shred his blankets, so unfortunately we can’t give him too many blankets before we leave for the night.”

If you are wanting to adopt an energetic animal, Eckwhiler said “nervous shredding and chewing on things is something to worry about ,but they can be trained out of it.” These dogs can often be distracted with toys, which Zeke loves the most. 

If you are interested in adopting Zeke, contact the Muncie Animal Shelter at 765-747-4851. 


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